Do you give free estimates?
Yes we give free no-obligation quotations and consultations.

What do you charge?
We have an internal price list but we do not publicise it. Please contact us and with your enquiry and we can give you an idea of price, or arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

Do you cover my geographical area?
We currently cover wide areas of Southern England. Please see our coverage map for more information.

My furniture problem isn't listed on your web site?
Due to the endless different designs, constructions, styles and materials used in furniture manufacturing it is impossible to list every problem that may occur.  Please contact us so we can advise you on the best way to solve your problem.

How do your prices compare with other companies?
We periodically check our prices with competing businesses. Although the price can vary depending on the circumstances of the job, our research tells us that our prices are in line with the industry average.

Why do I need my furniture restored when it is so cheap to buy new?
Unfortunately, you only get what you pay for. Cheap furniture is cheap for a reason; it may look good in a show room but is usually constructed from substandard materials such as chipboard and cardboard or upholstered in low grade fabric or leather. Cheap furniture is usually thrown together using glue and staples. If you have a quality item with a solid construction i.e. made from traditional hardwoods with conventional joinery it is well worth going down the restoration route. Due to mass manufacturing and a worldwide shortage of hardwood, new quality furniture is becoming increasingly rare. We can bring your furniture back to life so you can keep it for life, rather than throwing out after a few years!

Are leather repairs a long-term answer?
Yes, unless used in the wrong context.  Southern Counties Restoration only use products that are recognized as the best in the industry. Technicians are fully trained to use the products and importantly to know their limitations. 90% of leather work can be accomplished on-site involving patching, filling and re-colouring (see before and after section). However there are some instances where panel replacement or full upholstery is preferable.  Such instances include severe damage or soiling, holes and tears in leather that are located in a high wear area. Through training and experience we have become skilled in choosing the correct method of repair to give long term results.

How do you re-colour leather?
The colour of your sofa is not the original colour of the hide. It has been sprayed with dyes or pigments to give the desired effect. When we replace colour loss, we do exactly what the tannery does; we thoroughly de-grease the surface, and then re-spray. The differences are that we have to match the colour by eye, which can be a time consuming task, and we can spray in customer's house. We use a small gun for accuracy off a compressor and our products are environmentally friendly.

How long do leather repairs take?
Due to the endless different designs, constructions, styles and materials used in furniture manufacturing it is impossible to list every problem that may occur.  Please contact us so we can advise you on the best way to solve your problem.

Will my furniture come back looking like new?
If you're talking about full restoration e.g. re-upholstering a sofa or re-finishing a tabletop then yes, we are effectively stripping everything back and starting from scratch. However, if you're talking about repair work, e.g. leather repairs, wood repairs; we don't claim that it will look perfect. We strive to accomplish the best repair possible; however it is important to understand that it may not be possible to accomplish an aesthetically perfect repair.

How long will you have my furniture if it is being restored?
It is unusual for site work to take longer than 1 day; in fact most jobs are completed in an hour or two. Small workshop jobs can usually be turned round in 1 week. Larger jobs such as 3-leaf tables and sofas are usually are returned to customer in approx 2 weeks. Very big jobs with various items of furniture may take longer. These are approximate time scales, and can be altered to the needs of the customer.

Is the cost of restoration cheaper if I bring my furniture to your workshop?
Southern Counties Restoration strives for a happy and hassle free restoration experience. To ensure this, we include pickup and delivery of furniture in the cost of the job. We are a mobile business and do not generally give discounts to customers who provide transport.

Is pickup and delivery included in the cost of restoration?
Yes, pick up, delivery and any additional visits will all be included in original price unless specified.

How do I choose the fabric and style of my sofa?
When we go out to quote for an upholstery job, we will spend time measuring the amount of fabric required for the job. This is an ideal time for the customer to browse through our extensive fabric range. Most customers like 2-3 books which they can borrow while they make their decision.  During one of our visits, we will discuss the style of the sofa with you; it could be upholstered exactly like original, could have minor changes to piping or valances or bigger changes to cushions or the frame. These changes may have a bearing on price (up or down).

How do I choose the colour, finish, sheen of my table?
Many items of furniture that we see have sustained some sort of damage; therefore the customer usually wants the damaged area back to pre-damaged condition to tie in with the rest of the piece. In some instances however, the customer chooses a different colour or finish for their furniture, this may be to match other items in the room, or just something that they have seen and liked. During initial and subsequent visits we will discuss your options and show you sample boards where necessary.

How do I know what finish I have/want on my wooden furniture?
Broadly speaking, antique furniture will have more delicate finishes such as French polish and wax; modern furniture will have a harder lacquer or varnish. Please go to the types of finish page on this website to get more information.

I am thinking about restoring my own furniture, and would like some advice?
We are always happy to give free help and advice, feel free to contact us.

Are your products environmentally friendly?
Yes, our products are some of the most environmentally friendly out there. We use water-based products instead of harmful solvents to protect the environment as well as customers and our own health.

Do you charge VAT on your services?

What are the benefits of Scotchguard, and can you provide this service?
Scotchguard is an anti-soiling chemical that can be sprayed onto fabric. Once treated it works to prevent absorption into the fibres. It is incorrect to think of Scotchguard treatment as a panacea; but it does give an extra level of protection against spills and stains. We can provide Scotchguard treatment to fabric before or after upholstering.